About me

I am a ceramic designer, originally from Tokyo and currently based in London. My ceramics journey started when I came to London to study art and design after a career switch, following an intense period of working in Japan. I was enthusiastic about interior design, although I did not yet know what exactly to look for. I aimed to and I believed in creating relationships with things which are beautiful and well thought through and which bring joy in everyday life. These were the essential elements and motivations for the next chapter of my life. 

Through the study of product design at Central Saint Martins, I unexpectedly fell in love with ceramics. The material is intriguing, I associate it both with calmness and complex dynamic. My pieces are all made by hand from porcelain, which I use as an elegant, sensible and clean form. Crafting pieces this way enables me to apply a gentle hand-made touch, which I adore and enjoy looking at every day.